Our Team and Project is developing from the life work of Dr. Andrew Skadberg. Global Innovative Solutions aims to present practical, intelligent yet sustainable solutions that lead humanity toward a future of peace, harmony and abundance for all. Below are a few of the links to current projects and Websites. We will be expanding on this list as we have new friends and affiliations coming in daily. The basis for our work is Reverence for Life, grounded in Breath Consciousness which is the foundational support for all of life.

Reverence for Life University - aims to get an individual "skill-set" to everyone, so that they can adapt, for them to tap into their NOW power.

Rural Innovation Institute - is where we have been gathering a variety of "tools" for the regional model that I see as being pivotal.

Vision Excelerator - is an "incubator" to assist people to realize their dreams.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - was the founding site for my work with Desmond Green in 2008, where the original Vision for a new type of educational institute was first presented.

Experience Co-Evolution Group - is a consulting/community resource that has not been officially launched.

Eye Am Sharing - a rudimentary version of what we envision to replace "social networks" - collaborative networks. Based on Dr. Skadberg's PhD dissertation, and the inspiration that came to him after his father passed.

Yep! It's Rocket Science - our first book of a series teaching science and engineering through fun, hands-on learning.

Breathosphere - we are creating from the breathosphere, not the atmosphere, a little website that I feel will expand in the future.

Breathe Consciously - another "portal" to Breath Consciousness tools, to develop the new "skill-set".

In process are other sites, one for HOME Communities

World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011 - my personal statement of liberation, connected to some of my life's works.

Tourism and Peace Conference - this is the executive summary of what I was to present on regional tourism strategy. This conference is connected to 70 nations.