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EndlessOne Global Inc.
, is an international, tier-one payment card issuer, payment/transaction processor and banking software company. Through our licensing and relationships with money networks, sponsoring banks and corporations, we design, create and issue custom-tailored, full service, plastic white-label payment card services and programs at the buy rate fees. We own, operate and manage processing servers with international money transfer networks. EndlessOne Global is the leader in prepaid card and debit card technology innovation with our award winning, patented security features and proprietary software for payment processing. EndlessOne moves money all around the world, in any currency, faster and safer than any other financial institution.

Payment Cards: We create, design, issue and support a wide variety of custom card programs to meet the needs of a wide range of business goals and strategies, including but not limited to: debit cards, general spend cards, prepaid cards, prepaid business cards, loyalty/rewards cards, gift cards, benefit/discount cards, incentive cards, payout cards, credit cards, ID/government cards and corporate/payroll rewards cards and any type of card you can imagine.

Our Proprietary portal gives cardholders access to a full suite of electronic money management tools and an associated eGlobalBank account where they have access to a wide variety of features including, to name a few:

  • Lock/unlock cards.
  • Request a single-use CVV number for each transaction.
  • Load/unload cards and complete transfers in real time.
  • Manage transactions on prepaid and virtual accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Move funds seamlessly between personal, family, or other accounts.
  • Use a distinctive SMS technology for card-to-card transfers.
  • Activate cards, check balances, view account history, set alerts.
  • Take advantage of program security features and fully branded services and more

All of our cards allow an individual to have a virtual checking account and a routing number which solves banking issues for the millions of un-bankable and under-banked globally, and much more.

eGlobalBank Software:

  • Uses highly advanced software technology with multi-currency functionality and processing.
  • Manages all bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, rewards, points, crypto-currency and more, worldwide, for an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Sends and receives funds to and from bank accounts and cards of all types, in any currency, worldwide.
  • Has a complete management console including financial controls to monitor all payment activity.
  • Provides global payment accounts for all employees, contractors, suppliers and affiliates.
  • Conserves cash and eliminates paper checks while paying individual accounts in real-time.
  • Supplies in any currency, a prepaid debit card to business associates who need access.
  • Provides clients with an alternate means of receiving their money in their respective accounts.
  • Eliminates holds on foreign checks, eliminates risk of checks not received due to loss or error.
  • Provides FX conversion in country currency and international/domestic merchant processing.
  • Completes worldwide transactions and transfers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Fraud Protection and Security: The World’s Safest Card Security Suite.

SAFE Technology: includes: Customer Identification Program, Customer IP Verification Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) & PEP, Bank Account Verification, Bank BIN check (Credit Card Acceptance, SAFE Suite: Secure Access for Ecommerce (SAFE) TravelSAFE – Country Blocking Lock, instantly lock/unlock via smartphone, sms or cardholder portal, instantly change cardholder pin and set one-time use pin, personalize the lock features by ATM, POS, transfer auto-lock and more, cardholder can request a new single-use CVV security code at anytime as many times as they choose.

authENGIN Network: incorporates numerous techniques for identifying and preventing online fraud, has state of the art technology used to define a customer’s identity, location and account details in real-time, will handle the foreign currency exchange, will also allow multiple accounts per cardholder so that the consumer can transact and manage their accounts accordingly.

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