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Terra Pave Solutions - How to Get Your Project Priced

1. Contact Our Representative
2. Provide information about the specific application such as area being created. Size in square feet.
3. Depending on the soil type, application rates can vary, so we prefer to discuss in person.

Because of the unique nature of Terra Pave products, pricing can vary significantly based on the specific application. To get your custom bid and speak to one of our representatives, please go to our Contact Us page.

Generally, the price of Terra Pave products are so much lower than traditional concrete or asphalt, that our customers often begin with the statement "that sounds too good to be true". However, it is not. The Top Seal products are stronger, more durable and longlasting than other products, and yet many times less expensive but Terra Pave products set the standard for quality and durability - at a fraction of the cost of traditional paving.

We prefer not to get into a "pricing challenge" with traditional road and other products, but to set Terra Pave products as a much more viable solution, especially for people who are concerned about budgets, but more importantly to create a much better, long lasting paving and other application solution.