Individuals, Communities, Team-building and Our Sustainable Future

Without the proper skills and knowledge, craftsmen, musicians or artists cannot create great works. In the same way, we each alone, and together are creating the world and experiences we share.

Connected to our efforts to bring innovative products to the world, We are committed to providing people new educational models, tools and ways of thinking to create our sustainable future, together. We have been developing and gathering numerous resources, books, courses, and short-courses to assist people to transform and re-create their lives and then come together to accomplish this in their community. However, we also have a global focus. The foundation for our School, or University is Reverence for Life as realized and written extensively about by Albert Schwietzer but demonstrated in Jamaica with the Work of Desmond D. Green in the prison system.

Much of our additional courses and materials have been developed by Andy Skadberg as a result of his work and vision since 1988. Many of these courses evolved out of the simple question, "are these things working?" and then the process that followed from that to develop common-sense solutions to the various challenges that appear to be being faced at all scales whether they be individual, group, community, business or nation.

Links to Affiliated Education/Information

Reverence for Life University - is our Central portal for New Education. Everything begins with the individual, so our first step is to tap into the power we have as co-creators in this experience called life.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - created in 2008 with Desmond Green and Andy Skadberg, this site contains the original proposal for the RFL University and community diversification strategies.

Vision Excelerator - a business, idea, and strategy incubator designed to assist individuals and groups to make their dreams come to life.

Rural Innovation Institute - an online resource providing information in an easily accessible way around areas of concern in communities and rural places.

Sumbola - an amazing new resource for sharing digital materials, books, online courses, etc. and for people's to create working groups around the content.

HOME (Honoring Our Mother Earth) Communities & Network - an intentional, sustainable community. Our first is being created from the grass-roots by Kanani and Kevin in Alamosa, CO.

2011 World Proclamation for Emancipation - a essay by Andy Skadberg stating how to set oneself free and to create an

these resources are free, and when you click on a link it will open a new tab in your browser. More materials will be added to this often.

The Practice - by Desmond D. Green.
The first course. In 32 years of research and work I have not found a more complete, simple and powerful program to free a person. The Practice was taking into the Jamaican prison system and freed prisoners who were on death-row or serving multiple life sentences. It can work for everyone.

Preparation for Recreation
An essay with some reflections on getting to know oneself, play, becoming like children and recreation.

Solomon Individual Empowerment Star
is an outline for a process of evaluating and creating a more thorough and thoughtful process for endeavoring to "do things".

Individual Experience and Team Building
this is a pretty thorough course. Might be like a semester long if one was to take it slowly. However if a person is really motivated the materials could be gone through pretty quickly. It asks the person to look at themselves and then moves into how to work with others in teams. The foundation, though, is Desmond Green's "The Practice" and Dawn Vaz-Green's "Angels in Experience."

Advanced - The Practice - The Breath Process
this course is somewhat more advanced and examines how The Practice functions, addressing each of the areas of human experience. It delves into some deeper ideas and spiritual principles that might be of interest of people who are yearning for more clarification about why we feel The Practice is the place to start, always.

Assortment of Thought Provoking Essays, or books.

How to Live, by Andy Skadberg

How Do We Simplify the Model?, by Andy Skadberg
A contemplative essay about how easy it is for us to adjust how we live in the world. Ideas based on the message of Jesus "do unto others as you would have done unto you" and Reverence for Life.

When Love Guides Your Thoughts, edited by Andy Skadberg
A incredible treatise on "How to Think" in modern prose but derived from the Wisdom of Solomon. Downloadable pdf book.

I Have a Vision, by Andy Skadberg
A statement, prayer for realizing that we each contain the key to our happiness and joyful creation within our own heart, supported by quotes from Jesus, Lao Tsu and the Bhagavad Gita.

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles
A treatise on the creative powers of ourselves and based on two theses for us to move to the creative, instead of competitive, and cooperative to realize the world that is evolving.

The Master Key, by Charles Haanel
Incredible. Powerful. Enlightening.

Questioning Beliefs, by Andy Skadberg
An essay that asks the reader to spend some time contemplating their belief structure and determining if changes need to occur.

Peace Making, by Andy Skadberg
The Practice combined with activities for showing love for Mother Earth.

Your Breath, Your Key, by Andy Skadberg
A compilation of references to "The Breath" as the key to consciousness, our power to create and how to come to balance for living the life of your dreams.

Trust Your Breath, by Desmond D. Green
Is a free, downloadable pdf book that addresses our issues of knowing the power of our thoughts and words. Tailored around the wisdom of "breath consciousness" this book puts forward a new realization of our experiences as being one with the One.

Business, Organization or Group

Vision Excelerator - a business, idea, and strategy incubator designed to assist individuals and groups to make their dreams come to life.

Team Work and Team Building
Working with groups, after individual transformation, is the next important issue. We have observed that many people are operating as islands unto themselves. This will not suffice as we move into a new world. People really need to dedicate time and energy to learn how to work with others if anything is to get accomplished. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead "-

"Nature Tourism: a Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities" - developed through Texas Cooperative Extension at Texas A&M University, this publication walks people through a simple, step-by-step process for creating a new business. This was developed for farmers and ranchers around "nature tourism" but the process is adaptable.

Region & Community - some emphasis on Tourism

Systems Thinking
Understanding Context      Duality - Engineered vs People    The Rural - Urban Nexus
describes the necessity of considering "context" and to develop comprehensive approaches to "problem solving" or developing sustainable opportunities for communities and all people.

Creating Systems that Serve People & Success Across Scales
for success in society, cultures and civilization people need to understand that "success" needs to be supported at all scales of development. This idea of "success" or abundance for a few, or an elite has run its course. "We are all in this together. We have to save ourselves AND each other." Andy Skadberg

Experience Co-Evolution Group
This Web resource provides a number of courses and presentations about successful community diversification and development strategies. This is our Extension/Outreach/Service consulting source as we begin to grow this process of helping communities and empowering individuals.

Reaching Out - From With-In
A community empowerment endeavor/strategy for assisting various groups of people who have historically been challenged to find their place in the world: veterans, peoples with addictions, minorities, native peoples, homeless, single-parents, etc.

Vision to Transform the World - Contents - A Compendium of Community Materials
From the original materials created by Dr. Skadberg entitled Vision - "We ARE Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness" - to download by Chapter, go to This Link